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Why Music?

If you are like me, you have experienced music as being a mood changer. Science reveals that music has the potential for much more!

Music causes the brain to secrete a hormone known as oxytocin that generates the sensation of being connected to others, bonding, and unity. Listening to the same music consistently causes the release of another hormone, dopamine, that lights up your pleasure centers especially when you sing along with the music.
“Currently, music is being used for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Strokes, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Evidence suggests that music has the power to improve brain function and behavior and has led to a therapy known as rhythmic auditory stimulation."​
Dr. Michael Thaut
Professor of music and neuroscience, University of Toronto

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I created a Spotify playlist to parallel the content of Solo Wise. It is not just my playlist! Please send me the music that speaks to you as you read Solo Wise. We can build the playlist together and sing together as one!

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