Don’t Fear Aging Alone!

You are in the company of approximately 26 million people over 50 who are aging alone too. The absence of safety nets such as spouses or close family might leave you feeling vulnerable and unprepared.

Solo Wise

A Roadmap For Fearless Solo Aging comprehensively tackles the issues that solo-agers need to know!

Inside You Will Discover How To……..

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I'm Beverly (but please call me Bev)

Throughout my 24-year career as an aging life care professional, I have heard your stories and guided many solo agers along their path to achieve fearless solo aging. Since selling my business, Complete Care Strategies in 2023, I have embraced the solo aging movement as the next frontier of my own life. I share many similarities with solo-agers and I have learned so much from those who have crossed my path. I want to share the inside scoop about solo aging with my knowledge, resources, and strategies for you!

If you are like me, you want to know what it feels like to be fearless. You might be asking yourself how you can get there. FEARLESSNESS is based upon what you know and, most importantly, what you do! The best part is that you only need to take one small incremental step at a time to reach a realm of certainty and self-determination. While fear may never disappear, fearlessness evolves when fear is no longer in the driver’s seat.

That’s why I’m so thrilled that you have found my website! I wrote this book for you with a clear path to acquire the information you need to guide you and the tips and resources to move the needle toward self-assurance and strength and away from ambiguity and the dark hole of the unknown. You only need to take one small step at a time. You can get this!

“The best way to predict your future is to create it!”​

Abraham Lincoln

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